Materials and Tools List

Bass Setup Workshop

2018 UNH Violin Craftsmanship Institute
Instructor: Julius J. VandeKopple

Setup is such an important task, that you will likely want to collect a set of tools that you use only for setup. You may use some for other things, but a good collection of setup tools will be invaluable. It may take you a while to find some that fit your need just perfectly. And you'll need to make some of the tools and jigs as well. We'll make some of these at the workshop. This this is a fairly extensive list and may take some budget, but you should be able to share some with others if you can't find things on the list or wait till you see some of them in use.

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Materials List
Item Find
One standard bass (limited due to time and space). Either laminated or carved okay. May be new or previously set up. (Should NOT need repairs no open cracks or seams, no loose neck or scroll damage, no loose bassbar, etc.) Tuners should already be installed and ebony fingerboard attached. Plan to transport the bass with you. Shipping is NOT advised. Any supplier of instruments or existing bass (must be in good shape)
Ebony endpin with 10mm steel shaft and threaded tip. Plug should be larger than current tapered hole (though SOME adjustments can be made). see suppliers below
Thin poplar crossbanding, paper packing tape, cork available in class
Tailpiece With bass, or see suppliers below
Tailcable (with connector, if needed) steel, iron, or Vectran, etc. local hardware store or nautical supply; some available in class
Fingerboard stain see suppliers below
Walnut oil or Linseed oil local art store
Nut On bass, or see suppliers below
2 or 3 new soundposts about 18mm see suppliers below
2 or 3 French model bridges 150 or 158mm size with relatively straight legs see suppliers below
Aluminum adjusters 1/4x20 thread. Prefer one-piece. see suppliers below
Strings try to bring two or three different sets to try see suppliers below
Bow and rosin for testing bass bring your own (or share)

Tool List
Item Find Photo
Notebook local store
No 2 Pencil (with sharpener) and eraser local store
Mechanical pencil 0.5mm leads local store
Shop apron local store or art shop
Plastic template material for bridge, fingerboard, and nut. local art or craft shop
Carpet or thick towel for workbench, to lay bass on, and hand/kitchen towel local store
1 1/2" foam block (24" long) to support back of bass at button old packing material see above
Scrap bedsheet or cloth tablecloth to cover bass body during fingerboard dressing Scrap cloth or local store
Fingerboard wedge made from 2x4 cutoff make at workshop
Black magic markers thin and thick local store
Swing-arm lamp clamp-on local store
Scissors 3" or 4" local store
Violinmaker's knife 12mm double bevelee suppliers below
Violinmaker's knife 12mm single bevel, right (for LH user) or left (for RH user) see suppliers below See example for RH users
Sharpening stones (or diamond) in course and fine see suppliers below
Leather thumb protector (optional) available at Woodcraft, etc.
Three 6" rulers with metric on at least one side. Nice to have one with metric on opposite side. local hardware store various brands available
6" stiff ruler, like General local hardware store see General 6" stiff ruler
12" flexible ruler with Engl/Metric, like General local hardware store see General #1201
12" stiff Bench Rule, like Woodcraft woodworking supplier see 12" bench ruler
Aluminum 36" ruler (stiff) or Woodworking Rule, like Woodpeckers WWR36 woodworking supplier or art shop see woodworker rule and ruler
Compass with pencil simple inexpensive type works best local store see General #843/1
4" Divider, Spring Joint, Flat Leg, like General #450-4 tool supplier
Paper towels local store
Glue: Titebond, Liquid Hide Glue, and Crazy Glue local store
Bass endpin reamer (optional). Bring one if you have it, but you'll need one at some point. see suppliers below
2 steel F-clamps local hardware store Jorgansen or equivalent
Bungee cord 18" to 24" local store
Lead shot bag (optional) for hold-down some available in class to share
6" warding bastard file and handle local hardware store or see suppliers below
6" mill file for metal with handle local hardware store
3" triangle file local hardware store
Two bridge files one medium, one larger for E-string (or full set for 4 strings) see suppliers below
Stanley 9 block plane (adjustable) or equivalent. We will change the bevel, so dedicate this one for fingerboards local hardware store
Stanley 60 low-angle block plane (adjustable) or equivalent. Used for shaving face of bridge. local hardware store
Flexible steel scraper local hardware store for steel. some available in class blue steel or thin saw blade
4 sanding blocks can be made at the Workshop I'll bring block, you bring sandpaper various grits as listed below
Tri-M-Ite Sandpaper one sheet each 80, 120, 150, 220 grits local hardware store (some available at workshop)
3-M adhesive backed 120 grit Tri-M-Ite local hardware store see 3M #9112 or 9209NA
3" to 4" bowl for water local store
Cello soundpost setter - stiff see suppliers below
Bass soundpost setter - stiff (need both) see suppliers below
Inspection light for bass make one at workshop or LED strip light for bass (nice). get parts or LED from Gatchell Violins see candelabra socket and switch

see assembled light

see LED light and battery pack
2-1/4" inspection mirror Sears or General. Single extension is sufficient and better. local hardware store see General #557
Soundpost retriever 2-prong, not 4-prong like Snap-On Item #GA265A see Snap-On Tools see 2-prong retriiever
4" bench clamp-on vise local hardware store or see supplier list bench vise examples
Chisel 3/4" see woodworking supplier
Gouge 3 sweep - 20mm woodworking supplier or see suppliers below
Stiff scrapers curved, or glass scrapers made in workshop steel about 2-1/2" to 3" or glass
China marker black or white local stationery
Lipstick (for fitting bridge) muted red or brown-red works well local pharmacy
Long pencil 2 feet, can be made with pencil and dowel make your own. Use fat pencil, if possible. fat pencil extended using copper plumbing connector
Steel vernier calipers (for marking)(no battery) cheap, like General 5" caliper local hardware store see General #722
Drill bits 1/8", 3/16", " (and F bit optional) local hardware store
Jig for holding bridge when drilling holes for adjusters. We can show you some options at the workshop. make at workshop or later at home (If you have one, bring it.)
1/4x20 tap and T-handle local hardware store
Scratch awl local hardware store
Paraffin (or wax candle) optional bring, but some available at workshop
Small reamer (with handle) local hardware store or see suppliers below examples - can add handle
8" square local hardware store
A 440 pitch pipe see suppliers below or music store

Power Tools Available for your use at UNH Workshop

You will find it useful to have these available at your shop:

Musical Instrument Pars and Tools Suppliers (among others)
Supplier web address
Metropolitan Music
International Violin Company
Howard Core
Stewart MacDonald
Gatchell Violins (nice bass LED inspection light)

Woodworking Tools (among others)
Supplier web address
Highland Woodworking
Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.